What Colors Go Best with a Brown Roof?

Posted on July 13, 2022

The exterior of your house is the first part that creates the wow factor, the part that makes passers-by stop and appreciate how spectacular your home is.

Curb appeal is so alluring that a report last year showed that 99% or people believe in its importance. 97% believe it is important to potential buyers, and of those that have spent time improving the outside of their property, 75% say they have an increased desire to be at home.

It is clear then that the exterior of your house speaks volumes and whilst changing your roof may be a rather more expensive or bigger task, there are certain other things that can be done that will make your house look better without the bigger expense.

Today we are going to look at the colors you can use to make your house look $1 million (or more!) when you have a brown roof.

Some that will make an impact are shades of:

  • Green
  • White
  • Terracotta
  • Blue
  • Yellow

But be aware, the differing styles of roof may lend themselves to different effects. For example, whilst your shingles may rock a brown color, they may be touched with some red, orange, or yellow.

So, let us have a look at how you can make your brown roof property stand out against the others!

What color should I paint my house if it has a brown roof?

Despite brown appearing a bit bland, if you compliment it with the right shades, you can create a vibrant exterior. When you consider there are options to match your walls to a light brown roof, or a dark brown roof as well as options to compliment the red or orange-tinged shingles, the potential becomes quite exciting!

Deciding whether you want a neutral, subtle look or one full of brightness and contrast will be down to you but below, we have highlighted some of the options and how they work.

Neutral colors

Using neutral colors helps highlight the undertones of your roof. White does an excellent job of separating the roof and the walls (not literally may we add!) Not only that but using white for your walls also allows any landscaping around the house to really stand out. Perfect if you have garden features or shrubbery that you want to show off.

The good thing with white is that its fresh, clean look can be added to by finding a shade that has elements or red, blue or yellow within. These hues allow for the clean, fresh effect with a hint of additional color.

Additionally, you could decide that Beige is something that suits your property even more. With an element of yellow, the whole home can stand out but in a subtle way. Add in some different hues on the trim and the breakup of color, albeit gently, adds a nice touch to the building exterior.

You could consider grey, in the last of our neutral colors and whilst it pairs well with a black or grey roof, you can create a stunning look if you go for a cool brown.


Incorporating a reddish/orange color to your walls may seem a little strange at first if you have a brown roof. However, terracotta is fast becoming the color of choice for many. Suitable with almost any style of house, this color helps create a look that is both warm and welcoming.

Traditionally associated with Mediterranean designs, you could create the very same theme within your grounds but there is no need to focus on that. It is a versatile color so can work with a brown roof regardless of building style.


If you can get the undertones of your brown wall and yellow walls matched, you can create something that is attractive! Bright yellows that have been infused with red hues compliment a brown roof well and allow any red within your brown shingles to be accentuated even more.

If you were to choose a rich yellow, you could find it creating a similarity with pale browns which in turn makes for a warm feel to the home exterior.


For a true woodland look and a sense of nature, green and brown work well. If your roof exhibits a dark brown, you can get away with any shade of green. If your roof is a lighter shade, then a dark green will look very special!  Green that shows a resemblance to a moss color will look spectacular with a light or dark roof and is truly versatile. It looks bright in the daytime yet muted in the dark.

An added feature of fusing these two colors together is that the options for your trims and accents are huge! Whether it be natural wood, rocks or stones. You can create a visual treat easily.


Blue is not always a color you would associate with the outside of your house, however, if you get the match right, you will have a house that is aesthetically pleasing. Use a dark blue if your roof is lighter brown to create a lovely contrast. If though dark blue is a favorite shade of yours and your roof is a deep brown. Putting these together will create a different class of home.

Lighter blues, such as sky blue can lighten up the dullest of houses and work well with a dark brown roof. If you notice the undertones of your shingles are grey, consider a blue that has grey hues. It will not be too much of a color clash but will create an almost uniform look.

What should I consider when painting my house?

You may have read our guide and found a few options you believe suitable. However, location, house size and your trims may make you consider changing your mind.

  • Look at your house from afar-Cross the road and see how your house looks. If it appears small, go for lighter colors.
  • Consider whether you want your trims to draw attention or just have them blend in. Use the same color as the exterior for a simple blending or find a suitable contrasting color to have your house stand out.

Should my roof be darker than the house?

You may be considering a change in both the roof and the painting of your house. If you are looking to do this. Think about having a darker roof, this then allows the house itself to stand out. If you live in a warmer area though you may want a lighter roof, the light shingles will have the heat bounce back off them. In colder weather, the dark roof absorbs the sunlight and as a result, keep warmth within your house.

In addition, if it rains much where you live, or you find it is prone to bouts of snow, a light roof will really show off the stains left by the weather. A dark roof will not, and as a result, it will look newer for longer.

Whatever color you decide, you have plenty of choice when it comes to complementing your brown roof. Need further guidance? Our team of roofing & restoration experts at Karma Roofing are on hand. Simply contact us today to find out more. Priding ourselves as leading commercial roof contractors as well as being the number one residential roofing contractor in Central Florida, we promise quality craftsmanship, a passionate workforce and commitment to giving you the best service possible.

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