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Is My Roof Suitable For Solar Panels?
Posted on December 1, 2022
Most homes in the USA have roofs that are suitable for installing solar panels, although not all will meet the ideal requirements. Here, we take a closer look at the...
How Long Does A Metal Roof Last?
Posted on December 1, 2022
Metal roofs are a popular type of roofing solution, not only for agricultural and commercial buildings but for residential properties too. Stylish, low maintenance, and durable, they’re a long-lasting choice...
What Is Considered The Best Roofing Material?
Posted on November 3, 2022
With so many modern materials for roofing to choose from, it can be hard to know what kind of roofing materials you should add to your home for the best...
Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Roof Damage And Leaks?
Posted on November 3, 2022
The vast majority of homeowners insurance policies will cover many types of roof damage or roof leaks, especially if they occur by forces out of your control such as during...
Hurricane Ian: The Complete Safety Guide For Florida Residents
Posted on September 28, 2022
Storms, whilst impressive to watch on TV or in a movie can cause untold damage to property and put lives at risk. Some simply disperse before being able to cause...
How to Tell if Your Roof Has Hail Damage?
Posted on September 20, 2022
If you are reading this, chances are, you live in an area that feels the brunt of severe weather every now and then. In the US hail and high winds...
What Type of Roof Do I Have?
Posted on September 20, 2022
You could be currently investigating the potential for a refurb of your roof in either your commercial or residential property. Before getting carried away with lavish ideas or extreme renovations...
What Is a Commercial Roof Inspection? All You Need to Know
Posted on August 8, 2022
If you own a commercial property, the safety of your team and those that visit the building is clearly a priority. Ensuring that they can work, shop or visit the...
What Colors Go Best with a Brown Roof?
Posted on July 13, 2022
The exterior of your house is the first part that creates the wow factor, the part that makes passers-by stop and appreciate how spectacular your home is. Curb appeal is...
TPO Roofing: All you need to know
Posted on July 13, 2022
If you are looking to adorn your business with a new roof, perhaps because the old one is weathered and worn, or you feel that your premises needs a fresh...
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